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I often wondered about the perception that others might have of me. I write some good amount of negative natured things on these pages. Within my poetry for instance there are some fairly depressed sounding topics. I've always had a weird way of being able to vent my negative emotion through rhymes. Quite often they take on a life of thier own in the process. At times I manage to do well with the happier, more flowery things, but they often sound like something from a children's book in my estimations.

Recently, I had someone that sat on my friends list for months send me a message saying I'm an asshole and then he blocked me. While I don't really care that much about it, it did make me wonder what he may have read or heard to make him feel that way about me.

There are multiple ongoing discussions about the various types of men found within the world here at EP. I sometimes wonder about where I fall in those talks as well. Again, I don't really care that much about it. I just wonder a bit sometimes.

All in all, I like myself well enough. Despite my go arounds with spotty depression. I do what I believe to be right for the most part in my everyday life. I seek to treat people fairly and kindly. I'm probably more of a beta male I suppose if I stopped to think about it. Though I don't really take to the complete idea of that.

I was bored this morning and decided to babble. That's what this is ..., a babbling wonderment. Not looking for answers to it really. Just kind of wondering out loud.

I guess if you felt like answering a question for me you could answer this -- Do you think my darker poetics give way to the perception of weakness or being less than manly? Do I come across as an asshole or someone that is overly needful?

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Posted on 12:48PM on Nov 24th, 2012
I dont think you come across as an ******* and people are people online they say what ever they want and how they feel ! that guy was just an ******* him self and like whimsicalwords said maybe he was jealous of you and that 's how he chose to express it !! people do and say all kinds of things to express them selves you just do it in a way that is different from many !! not a bad thing I don't think! It's just you being you doesn't mean you are unmanly that just makes me laugh that you would say that! but anyway just be you and continue doing it and who cares what people say because they are always going to say and do what the want anyway right !! sucks that it huts I know the feeling all to well
Posted on 07:15PM on Nov 24th, 2012
My dear R, You are especially you. I don't give a crap what others say really...You are not an a-hole. You have always been kind to me. I remember 3 am chats. When I was very low, and you talked to me. Always gently and firmly and kindly. I adore your poetry. Yours is unlike anyone else's here that I have read...Your style is like you-unique. I know it is over-used. But your flavour is like ....let me find something....nothing suitable really though...Crisp bacon cooked outdoors in a summer morning. One always wants it, but rarely gets it. And pancakes cooked on an open campfire. Both flavours together. He didn't know you if he did that. You get moody at times, but your life gets severe. When I read your previous words about how you lived, I am amazed you are still so tender. When you could be like stone. And I would understand, but we couldn't be friends like we are now. You are not weak. You are one of the strongest men I have ever met. And I know we do not talk often anymore, but i still adore you and love you. And I devour your words whenever I see them. Life goes on and so does time, and the future spins...I love you, Hikerman. That never changes. Kissesssssssssssss....Cyn. WRITE, PLEASE! LOL!
Posted on 07:33PM on Nov 24th, 2012
@ Whimsical - Thank you for reading. Even more for the reply. I agree, people can indeed be strange. I do ignore the nonsensical stuff as well as you suggested. As one of my friends I consider to matter, I take it you don't mind...? @ MP5 - You know how much I value your opinion. I will take from your words the following - I Just Am! Whoot whoot .... @ Irish Eyes - Thank You. I know how difficult I can be to understand at times. Never mind how tough being a friend to me can be. I doubt it was jealousy. Not that it matters anyway, because as I said " I simply cannot bring myself to care either way what he or almost anyone else thinks of me. All I am is all I'll ever be That's always been enough for me. Whoot whoot! @ 2011 - You've been a kind caring friend to me for as long as I've known you. A bit odd at times, to the point I'm not sure what you mean every now and then. Still, I cherish our friendship none the less. Thank you for your words of praise and loyalty. I write for myself mostly, but you'll never understand how much it means that you find the things I write pleasing. @
Posted on 08:50AM on Nov 25th, 2012
*laughing* R. You are so damn sweet and exasperating, but I adore you! Takes an odd one to know one! kissessssssssssssssss.......I cherish ours as well. I count on you. No bullsh it is what you give me. And your non-existent heart is obvious to me. *smiles* I think I know what my words to you mean...Love you too. Keep writing, please. I am hungry for your words...xoxxo
Posted on 05:27AM on Jan 4th, 2013
Thanks, my fine Faery. Do you grant wishes? I could use a warm plate .....
;- )
Posted on 10:23AM on Jan 4th, 2013
I ALWAYS find blogs late....always....That is my one and only compliant with this site that we don't have a feed to keep track of blogs. I love reading them too.....

Enough with my blog whining onto you Hiker.... I have been blocked and attacked for just being happy. Some folks find "happy" to be real annoying.... so I can just imagine you could be totally be called rotten names for being such an excellent writer!

I read all of what you write and sure you vent in your words...That's one of the many reasons folks write!! I think some folks in here are just not deep enough to see stuff like that and they might also put too literal of a picture to some of the words and not appreciate that a certain description of something you write might come from a more metaphorical stand point.....Or maybe the guy was mad that you were talking and joking with some lady he liked and she deleted him or something..... Whacked reasoning abounds in here sometimes!! :O
For all the AWESOME folks on ep.....there are a couple of UNawesome ones floatin around too.....

I love the intensity you write with. Sometimes I need to read something a couple of times to get a vibe on it but I always enjoy reading it. I think you are a very deep sort of man with many good and solid qualities.....I think you are a very talented writer and an interesting and fun friend.... If there is any ******* qualities in ya...I've for sure never seen them... I think you ROCK!!
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